Events in Split

Ultra Europe Festival – : Famed from Miami, the electronic music festival giants return to Split’s Poliud Stadium, still reeling from the amazing 2013/4/5 successes. 130,000+ people from over 70 countries all gearing up for round 3. More monster L.E.D screens, more action, boat parties and the finest Mediterranean weather.

Split Summer Festival – July/August:  Centred on the world-famous Riva sea-front, where the palm-lined promenade pulsates with open air dance, music and theatre nightly, from traditional Croatian dance and music to the folk & rock-bands, with nights that never end… and the lights of the myriad of nearby yachts keep on glowing.

The Days of Diocletian: A 10 day celebration of the Emperor. The Roman past comes alive through food, costume, custom and music.. The City of Split basks in the mediaeval glory like no other.

Split International Film Festival – September: The freedom of film is celebrated! The City welcomes the viewers, makers and stars of celluloid glory; and the choices on screen are legendary.

Split Week Of The Yachts: Summer, the Islands and Split together celebrate the time-long boating traditions with an energy and passion. Bronzed bodies, crystal clear warm waters and fun… and shore time is night-time and the finest of sea-foods mingle amongst the chilled wines.