The Famous Split Riva. The Magical Sea-Side Promenade

Our Poet Square Apartment is situated a mere 25 metres from the centre of the sunny Riva waterfront. A few strides takes you through either of two historic portals which lead from the Apartment in Trg Brace Radice or ‘Vocni Trg’ as the locals call it, to the sea-front promenade which stretches some 250m long and 55m wide.

The Riva is the place to linger over a coffee, sip a Pina colada or down an ice-cold beer. It is alive all-year round. The sea is a few metres away from any of the 30+ cafe’s, eateries and bars that grace the beautiful palm-tree lined promenade; perfectly positioned for those that enjoy a coffee or drink during their holiday break, a few strides from your accommodation.

The crystal waters sparkle, and will festoon the myriad of conversations with an ever changing scenery as yachts, ferries and the tiny fishing boats ply in and out of their moorings.

Standing in front of Diocletian’s Palace, The Riva takes on a new persona after dark. ‘The sounds of music, traditional and modern fill the air, and the locals and their families stay on well after their sundowners.

Over the sea, the islands of Brac and Solta lie in full view of The Riva, a 30 minute ferry ride from the Split ferry terminal, which is a short 5 minute walk away from the promenade, and behind these islands, lie the islands of Hvar and Vis.

The Riva is a hub of movement, and at the same time a place to sit, contemplate, or chat and drink, before heading back to where the statue of the poet Marko Marulic adds a sense of poetic magic to the surrounds.

Split By Night

Sunny Split, Crystal-Seas, Nearby Beaches & Zen Walks


Nearby Beaches & Zen Walks

Split has great swimming beaches on either side of the city’s Riva promenade. Enjoy swimming in the warm, crystal-clear waters during your holiday.

If your preference is for a less crowded, less hectic time in a calm and peaceful environment, then the pebble beaches stretching alongside the southern side of the Marjan wooded peninsular are amazing. Kaštelet and Kašuni beaches are trend setters, and host a small peninsular that juts out into the sea, with a sundowner bar positioned to watch the magnificent sunsets.

These beaches are best visited with waterproof slip-on swim-shoes for comfort, available at many stalls at the market by the ferry / bus station. The water in summer is warm, clear and refreshing.

To get there, walk from the Poet Square Apartment out onto the Riva, turn right, and hug the coast for about 20 minutes, you’ll pass other cordoned swimming spots on the way, however the best beaches are nearer the end on the Marjan peninsular… with their beach bars and eateries a great occasional respite from the sun.

To reach the sandy beach at Bačvice, from the rental Apartment go onto the Riva and tum left, and we would suggest having one of the maps from the Split City Guides, available from the Tourist Info kiosk amongst the Riva shops. Be prepared, it can get hectic at Bačvice beach at peak season.

Zen Walks:

Despite the hustle & bustle of the Split ‘old town’ life, the ever present Marjan forest park is a natural zen wonder, lying along the western hill peninsular on the historic town’s doorstep. It’s dense pine forest and singing cicadas form the background for great off-track walks, or if energetic, tackling the jogging paths. The cafe on the hill has a grand view over the city and the sea, and many quiet impromptu spots around the hill tempt the locals to enjoy picnics, and rest in the shade.