The Vibrant And Historic Split

History becomes magical in Split, the ancient beauty surrounds you wherever you stroll… and surrounds your Poet Square accommodation.

The preserved remnants of a grand palace built by a local (the Roman Emperor, Diocletian) to be his retirement home in 295 AD, forms the core of the ‘old town’ of Split. A Unesco Heritage.

The best part for visitors is that this is all within easy walking distance of the vacation Apartment, with squares opening out from the narrow medieval alleys, as Venetian palaces spring to view.

The Tower in Poet Square is but one example of the historic legacies left to locals and visitors in the form of the marvellous architecture. Around the corner from the square is an ornate Austrian Succession building, the neighbour to a stone house from the 16th Century.

Looking up, the ancient romantic balconies and overhead arches impress. Below at street level, many boutiques and eateries spill onto the narrow marble flagstone walkways, which gleam from centuries of foot-falls.

No plan is required; a meander in any direction from the Apartment will lead to yet another place of interest.

Turning in the direction of the sea-front, you will head to the vibrant, broad, & palm fringed Riva. Here the palace walls are also evident as a front for cafe’s and shops. The pristine new Brac marble flagstones enhance your walk to the yacht mole, past the Prokurative, an elegant square with more restaurants and cultural activities.


Fine Cuisine, Dining and Traditional Food Markets

Croatia is a haven for fine foods and wine, and as the primary Croatian coastal city, Split has an added advantage of ultra-fresh sea foods and vibrant restaurants, and all so near to the Poet Square Apartment. A gastronomical delight for your holiday.

Take such local ingredients as:

  • A huge variety of Olive Oils
  • Lamb from the famous Brac Island salted fields
  • Oysters
  • Octopus – and like the Scampi, often served with a Buzara, a tomato, olive and garlic sauce that releases all the flavours of the sea.
  • Shellfish, and many wild ocean fish varieties
  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Wines – mature reds and crispy whites
  • Herbs
  • Truffles
  • Cheese – such as the famous Pag Island sheep’s cheese
  • Prosciutto – local, and crafted with the best traditional methods.

.. and the world of cuisine only gets better with the final ingredient… chefs… many of whom cut their teeth in the family kitchens, under Mama’s watchful eye.

There are hundreds of restaurants in Split, almost every step you take, and exploration is the key, whether you are seeking mounds of garlic prawns, a whole fresh sea-fish, lamb in the traditional hot-coal, done Peka style…. cooked for hours under a cast iron lid that’s smothered with hot coals, or huge salads and crispy local bread. It’s all there for the finding… oh, and pizza too if you fancy!
A quick glimpse of the Croatian Adriatic cuisine experience includes

  • A Croatian bouillabaisse called a ‘Brudet‘ or ‘Brodet‘. A fish and shellfish stew that’s still alive with the tastes of the sparkling sea, and rich in garlic and onion. Every chef has a version, the choice is yours.
  • Risotto that boasts the Island of Pag’s sheep cheese, enriched from the salt grasses and herbs that bolster the staple diets of the sheep.
  • Pašticada. A speciality Dalmatian beef dish, made with loving and meticulous care – often prepared for great feasts and occasions. Seek it out, it’s worth it. Marinated overnight in vinegar, garlic, cloves, carrot and bacon… the beef is then roasted and finally slow-cooked with traditional ingredients for five or more hours.. amazing.
  • Čevapčići. Go find a restaurant full of locals, and there eat these fine spicy meatballs (mixed lamb, pork and beef) with a touch of cayenne, served with flat breads and potatoes. A firm local favourite.
  • Fritule. Small fried ‘festive’ doughnuts, often with raisins, and a brandy, citrus or rum coating, topped with icing sugar and usually with added secret local touches. A real Croatian festive season special… but too good not to serve all year round.

Not enough ? Split’s amazing food-markets sit on either side of the ‘old town’. Fruits, vegetables, chickens and prosciutto on one side, near the bus ranks, and the morning fish-market on the other. Fresh from the sea, from lobster to anchovies… you find them here.